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What We do

Together, We Make Miracles Happen

The Lima Community Improvement Corporation (LCIC) achieves its mission through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed to restore and rebuild stable neighborhoods through real estate development and the promotion and preservation of homeownership.

Real Estate Development

The Lima Community Improvement Corporation will invest in housing development by helping to encourage mixed-income communities.  LCIC housing development activities will include new development and rehabilitation of single family homes and small scale, multi-unit homes and apartment buildings.  The five-year plan is to build ??? new housing units and rehabilitate ??? housing units with at least ???% of those units being income-restricted by 2028.

Promoting and Preserving Homeownership

LCIC believes that, through homeownership, people more effectively build financial security and stability.  Owning a home correlates with increased social and political involvement and improved health and educational achievement.  The LCIC will assist Lima residents of all income levels achieve home ownership through homebuyer education and other services.

Additionally, we know that owning a home requires on going maintenance and financial commitment; therefore the LCIC will offeran array of loan and grant programs that can assist homeowners in keeping their homes as well as improving the efficiency of those homes.